Whether you have been hit hard with a storm or simply sweat more on your morning run, everyone is affected by climate change. Climate change has always existed but over the past few decades it has become more and more of a problem as the side effects become growingly apparent. The high standards humans have for their way of life has forced technology to grow with it, building more factories and creating more pollution. A majority of the population also have the desire to live in cities which bring these metropolises to the center of the problem. Whats scary about climate change is that it is irreversible, so everything that we are experiencing today will be what we live with forever. If we don’t start acting on this problem soon, our Earth will become impossible to live on.

There has been a major focus on making positive changes in cities, where pollution is more of an issue. “Work on the First Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities was launched by the Urban Climate Change Research Network in November 2008 at a major workshop in New York City with the goal of building the scientific basis for city action on climate change.” The strategies they came up with are very possible to implement into cities across the world and could lower the amount of greenhouse gases in which they emit. The frustrating part is that people have come up with a solution and law makers have yet to implement them.

The problem with our society is most people understand global warming is happening but they choose to ignore it. Walking to class the other day I noticed a shirt that read “people don’t care until something terrible happens”. The problem with that statement is when exceptionally bad things start to happen it will be to late to do anything in this case. The generation that is currently sitting in the “big seats” of this world were never taught that climate change was happening and the beliefs that are fed to you at a young age, tend to stick with you for the rest of your life. This is why it is highly beneficial to educate people at a young age about global warming and how to live efficiently.

In my home state of Florida, “terrible things” are already in motion. A place where I visited many times as a child, The Florida Keys, is disappearing and will be completely gone by 2100.”The sea is rising, but it’s rising slowly enough so that too few people get alarmed, say climate scientists. It’s a slow march upward 5-10 feet, says all the science, that will happen over the next 100 years or so.” So maybe I will be dead and gone by then but that doesn’t mean it is not my responsibility to try and fix things. Sadly, this isn’t the mindset that most people living on this planet have. It won’t effect them directly so they ignore it and choose to pass it on to the next generation. To be harsh about it, if you choose to ignore global warming, you are inadvertently killing your descendants.

Question: If the government doesn’t make changes to prevent global warming, how can we as individuals do it ourselves?

Online Source: Prediction Keys Underwater by 2100 http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Florida-Keys-disappearing-by-2100-Nothing-new-for- climate-scientists-126299303.html

Image Source: http://www.weather.gov/okx/HurricaneSandy

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change and Cities

  1. As individuals we need to find a way to work together and create a common goal. Educating and taking a stand for the environment before its too late, and showing people that this is an issue that deserves and needs to be dealt with.


  2. Could our mindset of “it’s happening in the world, but not to me” ever be changed? I feel that as society, we are always a step behind or walking alongside issues until they impact us. Maybe influencers should take the first step into climate change because they have a larger sphere of influence.

    It was definitely interesting to see the pope speaking to everyone at the whitehouse yesterday about climate change and the role that US takes.


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