Climate change is not a fresh topic. According to a report from BBC News, it could exist even before 1712. As for me, climate change has been a “thing” that surround by me all the time. I know it so well that I don’t even need to look at the news, and I can still list a hundred examples of what climate change has been causing. I was born in a big and wealthy city in China. Wherever I go, I see air conditioner running. The air was cold, but it smells dusty,  because people don’t open their window to circulate the air in the room, and it got to dusty, so that caused my brother got nastiest. The tap water in China could cause chronic illness. Beijing sand dust storm has never stop coming back and go. And people actually die due to it. There is also an interesting thing about global warming, that I noticed people have been questioning the same thing over and over since the pass few year, “ why is the winter so long?”.

    All these phenomenons have finally force people to face it. In my city, Guangzhou, the government started to send cleaners to Pearl river to clean up the garbage, and the numbers of ships drive through the river was decreased and restricted; the government has also been encouraging people to not turn the air conditioner’s temperature to below 26 centigrade; they have also tried to limit the amount of cars accessing the city from other cities to improve traffic jam while decreasing carbon producing by the cars in the city. These are just small parts of the government’s plane. However,it was certainly not possible if only just the government are taking action to repair the world. Chai Jing has made a presentation call “Under the dome”. It caused enormous attantion from people in China. The air in China has always been foggy and dusty. It was like smoke and fog, so British decided to call this as “smog” and Chai Jing call it “the invisible enemy”. Lots of people actually has breathing problems because of it, and Chai Jing was one of the victims. But no one researched on it and no one knew how serious it is. So Chai Jing took a journey to almost all the big cities in China and record the days that air pollution was too high. She found out that all these cities have been exposed under air pollution for at least half of a year(the record was done in 2014). She discovered that breathing “smog” was even worse than smoking, because it was formed by carbon. For the pass 30 years, the numbers of people die by lung cancers rose 465%. She said that people will have to put on their mask to anywhere they go. When speak of carbon, industrial factories were always the first to be suspected. In fact, it was the cars. Beijing’s government has actually set up a department for just for texting if the cars are equipped with the most environmental friendly equipment. But it requires people to go by themselves. However, when Chai Jing randomly picked a truck on the road, the truck was not qualify. And the truck driver said he knew about the department but he did not want to pay for the equipment.

    Now it seems like that it was the government to be blamed because the prices for equipments was too high. But is it true? Drives are the one who will be the first and breathing the most of carbon. In other words, their chances to get cancer will be greater than the other. So was the price really the problem? Money for cancer treatment and money for better health, which is less and better? In my conclusion, when the government has act, the cooperations from the public could actually be the most important step for stopping the climate change. As for the governments, just as the reading, Climate Change and Cities, says that they cannot always just deal with one problem all the time, the world belongs to everyone, actions need to be taken by EVERYONE because problems don’t just cause by the government but ourselves.

Question: what have you done to stop climate change?

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One thought on “Respond to Climate Change and Cities

  1. It’s good to hear that China has finally started taking a stance on global warming by cleaning up the rivers and restricting the amount of boats. As far as what I am doing to stop climate change as an individual consists of me always making sure my lights are off, recycling, using mugs and glass water bottles.


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