Executive Summary Response-

In the Climate Change and Cities we are given a lot of information regarding how the climate change is effecting the cities. Urban Heat Island is when the city is warmer than the countryside due to the differences in how the energy is retained or radiated. Because of the skyscrapers in the city, the sun’s long wave has trouble radiating outwards and gets trapped in between the buildings then being absorbed into the concrete. Pollution from third party source of energy is contributed by transportation systems, heating and cooling systems, which adds onto the heat in the city. I thought it was very progressive that Delhi converted all public transport buses were to compressed natural gas (CNG) operated systems. By having the cities be warmer than other places, they are more prone to have floods which lead to accidents where people can die. We are also more prone to have trees that fall over and wreck a transit system or other buildings, and illnesses can come from exposure to not having housing or clean water. Some water- borne diseases can come in the local water service, food- borne diseases can also exist from the exposure to higher temperatures. Respiratory illness can come from bad air quality and people will die from the longer heat waves. It is important that we reduce the effect of urban heating in the city so we can have healthier lives. Some ways we can do that is by planting trees, permeable pavements, and reflective roofs on buildings to radiate the heat out of the cities and push it back out to the countrysides.
In my hometown I am not affected by Urban Heat Island because I live in the country where every house is 2 acres apart. One way we are affected by the Climate Change is by the intense rain. On the map in right in the center of the red area that is considered high for the climate change areas. I live 45 minutes away from Baltimore and the pollution from the city gives 322,649 adults and 139,336 children in Maryland asthma attacks and other respiratory problems. Maryland’s heat waves are extreme and longer lasting, which causes deaths during the summer. During the winter it even reaches 80 degrees the day after it snows! The droughts are what crushes my town because more than 60% of the people who live in my town are farmers. A lot of crops are wreaked which causes the farmers to have less products to sell and a lot of them go out of business. Maryland is already starting to reduce emissions of the carbon pollution by using renewable energy sources like solar and wind polar. We are also expanding our transportation systems which causes less cars to be used.


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