Justin Miller 

Sustainable Systems 


Climate change is not a new issue for society but it is an issue that is definitely

becoming more urgent in recent times. Even with new information and clear evidence

that things are changing it is still an issue that most ignore. Why? Maybe it’s because

they don’t see or feel it directly affecting them. I think that a lot of the problem has to do

with lack of education as a child i never was told that many of these issues exist and if i

was is was a very surface conversation about a very serious problem. I feel that if

children are taught and conditioned young to be more climate conscious it could make a

huge difference for the future. Climate change has to become just as important as any

other subject in school because that simple education could be a small piece in a big

plan to save our environment.

After reading “Executive Summary”  Climate change and cities seeing the process of

how our government officials receive the important information about climate change

and effective ways to combat these environmental problems it made me wonder how

much more efficient and useful it maybe to have more government officials who are

more passionate naturally about the environment. I think that could make a huge

difference in the attention and urgency shown to these issues. Politicians who are

passionate about business make great business moves to help the economy so it

makes sense that if we had leaders who are more passionate about saving our

environment it could make a huge difference.

After doing some research about how climate change may be affecting my area directly

I came across an article named “What Comes Next for the Changing Coney Island

Boardwalk?”by Nathan Kensinger I’ve lived in Coney Island for my whole life and was

here for for hurricane Sandy in 2012 one of the worst storms to ever hit the island. the

devastation was just something out of a move. In the months and years after the city

announced plans to strengthen the borders of the island so that if another storm hit they

could be more prepared in these plans came renovations of coney island famous

boardwalk. Changes that would change it from a boardwalk to basically a cement walk

way. People were outraged but the Mayor and the city insisted that these changes had

to happen to help preserve what is what was left after the storm and to prevent erosion

from climate change. I feel that people’s reactions to the plans from the city speaks

volume to the level of importance they associate with climate change.

Online Source: http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2015/07/30/what_comes_next_for_the_changing_coney_island_boardwalk.php

Image Source: http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2015/07/30/what_comes_next_for_the_changing_coney_island_boardwalk.php

Other Sources: Climate Change and Cities. “Executive Summary,” Climate change and cities: first assessment report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network. Page 16


Should something that is considered a landmark be altered or changed to fight against

climate change?

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