One of the most important thing in the world would be systems. It is what created and formed societies, through different kinds of relationships in people. Systems exist everywhere, and every system that seems to be irrelevant is actually connected. The world would collapse if any of these systems is exterminated. In other words, if one part of a system went wrong, not only that system will have problem, but also it will also influence the others systems and without the right measurement, everything will be gone eventually.

Unfortunately people did not realized the important of maintaining the balance between these systems that the ecosystem of the whole world is ill. Because the lack of attention to some small part of the system. According to the addition readings, Guangzhou was one of those typical example for not managing systems with equal attention. And now they have to pay for the consequences, and repair the systems. For decades, Guangzhou has been in troubled with haze and fog. It’s worst time was in 1980s and in 2013 that people at that year has to actually wear mask all the time because the air was also getting into people’s house. Thousands and thousands of elderlies and children got infection in their breathing system, and what worse was that the hospitals in the city were running out of space for adapting these patients. The air system in Guangzhou was almost ruin because the government wanted to develop the city faster and wealthier so they let industries built in the city and let people bought as many cars as they wanted. Enormous PM2.5 producers came into the city all the sudden. The air pollution got worse dramatically before people could noticed it.

The governments, after witnessing how bad the situation could be, they decided to make some changes in a way to repair the air system. So they banded the motorcycles in Guangzhou, and started to restrict the number of vehicles in each family, encourage people to take public transportations more often, etc. However, when people began to take buses and subways, the numbers of them was not sufficient. But subways needs more time to build and demand more energy, hence more buses were sent to the streets. This means another started of new problem, noise pollution. Meanwhile, it also means that another part of the system has fallen. Although more people are able to take buses, the noise from the buses were greater than privates vehicles. Lots of residents who lives beside the roads, were often having trouble sleeping and concentrating themselves to work. And sometime some stones could flew out of the road into people’s apartment while buses were driving through. These was a new issue for the city, so for now, they only had a few measurements taken for it. First, built fences along the road that was designed to isolate the dust and noise from resident’s area. Secondly the government provided free services for adding extra layers of glasses on window for people who lives close to the road.

Though there are certainly more problems exist in Guangzhou, it is a fortunate that the government sees them and have taken actions to resolve it. People also take up one of the biggest responsibility for taking care of the system. Each part of the system support one another, so people should also do their best for the better future in our life.





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