Candace Kim


The world always consists of a system no matter what society and environment something is a apart of.  Nature, humans, animals all are apart of a balance networking system that relies on structure and conduct.  Almost like puzzle pieces that come together to create a whole.  Every piece of a whole are connected by a relationship that is more important than just the pieces themselves working alone.  The difference between doing things alone disregarding the needs of the whole causes the damage that we see today.  Human nature doesn’t regard the need to grow and evolve together but focuses solely on personal and moment needs.  It is important to realize mistakes before it is too late which is a big issue regarding climate change and environmental issues especially now.  When given options it is human nature to choose the option most beneficial to themselves no matter the harm it has on others or on the environment.  “Growth that enhances life” is a great quote pinpointing the need to grow and evolve that helps everything around us including ourselves and not just for a single purpose.

This past june there was another wildfire in my home city after climate changes started happening.  Already there have been two wildfires that I have witnessed and seen in a small city that I can remember in the last 7 years.  The drought, heat waves, dry winds have affected California counties allowing dangerous disasters like this to occur.  Not only is this a hazard towards homes and people living in the areas, it also causes long term health risks even after the fire is gone.  As the air stays polluted for weeks filled with ash and other things from the fire, people are constantly inhaling these risks.

What would happen if there was an error in a system?

Source: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/road-671479-canyon-santiago.html

One thought on “Climate change and it’s effects on everything, everywhere

  1. Explaining working as a whole by comparing humans, nature, and animals to a puzzle makes the idea easier to understand. We must stop only thinking of humans when making decisions and come to the realization that we are not the only ones living on this planet.


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