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Sustainable Systems Blog #2

Kimberly Tate
Everything is connected. That is not just in our bodies or in series of events, but it corresponds with everything around especially nature, the environment, or all ecosystems no matter how big or small they are. As I think we all remember from our Biology classes, every part of the ecosystem, it does not matter if someone thinks is not important, are all imperative components of all the existing life forms which all rely on each other. Resulting is this statements, yes that means mosquitos are important too because then what would spiders and other insects eat? Being born and raised in Miami, Florida, The Everglades was apart of South Florida culture that could not be ignored. It was the go to place for elementary field trips and taught every year in science class. In fact, it covers almost completely of all of South Florida’s geography so the city of Miami is only this tiny, skinny strip along the east side of the peninsula. So, of course, The Everglades could never be ignored while living in Florida. It is home to hundreds of different species of amphibians and birds and of course a major water source for South Floridians.

So it was very surprising when recently Miami-based Kantor Real Estate LLC, a company that owns about 20,000 acres of land in the Everglades wants conduct exploratory oil drilling in the Everglades. The best part of this company is that they claim that their oil drilling will not affect the wildlife in The Everglades which is complete nonsense because since when is protecting the wildlife around them their main concern? Another concern that Floridians are very much concerned with this problem is that it is going to affect the drinking water as well as of course the animals and the plants. “This is a bad idea,” he said. “There is not a good way to make oil drilling in the Everglades eco-friendly,” said Matthew Schwartz, South Florida Wildlands Association executive director. It just makes sense, if the people of Florida will allow this company to proceed, they will completely destroy not just the ecosystem of The Everglades, but of the entire geography of South Florida. Just the thought that these huge, wealthy, insensitive, and powerful companies can hit so close to where I am from is very surprising and a little bit disturbing. The Brightside of this problem is that the people around the area realize the severity of this project and proposition.

If you do a little research about drilling gone wrong in locations where there is wildlife or inhabitants living near by, these situations are very common. You can just take Nigeria, for example, where some streets of cities where there is drillings, the streets are covered and swimming with two inches of oil. It does in fact, disturb the local water supply, the animals, and or course the inhabitants that live there that must walk through a miniature river of oil.

Question: How can we prevent powerful companies from making decisions that would be harmful to the environment such as oil drilling?

3 thoughts on “Drilling in The Everglades

  1. This was an interesting article! Did the company provide any insight as to why their drilling wouldn’t damage wildlife (unless they didn’t provide any)? It would be interesting to see what arguments they brought to the table in order to back their reasoning for exploratory oil drilling.

    Also, what ways are the people of Florida shedding light to the issue at hand?


  2. In response to your question I feel that the citizens have a say in what happens in their city. Hence petitions, posting flyers, community protests, strikes and raising public movements could reach the government who are then forced to comply.


  3. One way to prevent powerful companies from doing things that are harmful to the environment is to require some sort of testing beforehand to ensure that their questionable method is indeed not as harmful as they are claiming. If they can prove that their method is ecologically friendly, then they can continue with their process. Without regulation, powerful companies will continue to make decisions without consequences and the consequences will be affecting the planet and its entire inhabitants instead.


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