Paola Carranza
Circle Line Map



We go through our lives in many oblivious ways. The various speakers that so kindly went out of their ways enlightened me on that topic. We are all just so careless in our everyday actions, but I think it is mostly because we are not being told that we are, especially by the people that must deal with our waste and decide what to do with it. We all take responsibility of our things when we buy them. We make sure that they do not get dirty or dropped, but we automatically wash our hands of them when we throw them away. Through this field trip and exposure, it has opened my eyes that we should be responsible for all of our things and the things we use everyday even if it is only for a few seconds like toothpaste, body washes, or facial soaps. Yes, we all use the restroom so we cannot feel as bad for using all that water, but there must be a more reasonable way than utilizes so many gallons of water. Apparently there are nineteen reservoirs that 1.2 billion gallons get sucked out of everyday and then goes straight to the sewers that then goes into the Hudson.
We must be more conscience nowadays and in the future of the products that we buy and use. Huge and wealthy companies also should be conscience of the products they are making as well. Why are there not regulations if a companies’ products are biodegradable or not? I was just absolutely dumbfounded that even in the smallest particles such as the minute plastic balls in toothpaste was such a hassle to the environment as well. They even have huge nets where they catch trillions of them in the Hudson. These microscopic balls of plastic make their way into the water then the fishes eat them and can eventually harm our food chain. Even the small pieces of plastic in some textiles get caught in there as well! Plastic is just an overall problem and let us not even get into plastic water bottles. It costs 12.5 million dollars to dispose of all the plastic water bottles in Manhattan.

One thought on “Circle Line Map

  1. I agree, it seems that knowledge is power. When we are ignorant we do things that hurt the environment, which in turn hurts society at large. There are small things we all can do and if we know what these things are we will be better able to do them.

    I don’t know the answer to the question of why there isn’t regulation about products being biodegradable, but it is a good one. Perhaps even just requiring that a product that isn’t biodegradable has to state this somewhere would be helpful.


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