Circle Line Map

The system I decided to highlight is the Transportation system in NYC, after the circle line tour I decided to examine the transportation systems relation to our waters here in the city.

As we sailed trough the cities waters looking to have a better understanding of the importance of living a more sustainable life and the effect it has on out water system. There was a common theme that kept coming into play when taking photos and thinking about what I was seeing. Transportation within around and even underneath our waters became so evidently important not only to everyday life, but also in the fight to become more sustainable.

As the boat departed the dock for the tour the first thing I noticed was several Water taxis taking people from Jersey to the city which is so important to so many peoples lives because it provide a quick and to some more convenient way into the city. But does it also cause pollution? After I seen the Staten Island Ferry doing the same thing by getting people from the island to manhattan throughout each day.

There were several boats powered by and carrying coal and oil which are important resources but take a lot of energy to move on water.  While on the tour I noticed that most of the surrounding  land that the water borders is used for storage  for other means of transportation methods even ones not on water, like buses and trucks and construction machines. That helps provide storage for many of the vehicles which deliver all the city needs and essentials for living like food and toiletries.


After being on the water for an hour or so I started to try to think about the things I couldn’t see, In the terms of transportation our major tunnels here in the city run underneath all these great bodies of water. These tunnels make travel so much easier. The Bridges do the same thing just hundreds of feet above. These structures still use the space the open water doesn’t to transport so many people everyday.


From the boats using coal to fuel there boats and polluting the air to the several junk yards and storage spaces I seen boarding our ever so important oceans and rivers. It is evident that the Transportation system her in New York City carries a lot of the blame for our pollution problems.


What are some ways we can be more sustainable in terms of transportation?

One thought on “#4: Circle Line Psychogeographies (Transportation System)

  1. Transportation flows are functions of moving people and physical things from one physical place to another. It is a process, physicalized mode of relating, multiple geographically separate locations. Digital or virtual circumscribes the divide – DEMATERIALIZATION as referred to by David Bergman’s text. One way that designers build in reduced transportation is to reduce the need for transportation. They can, for example, allow that the product or service has more virtual steps in delivery. The example of the 3D printed trolling device for plastic collection that was brought up during the tour is a good one. The designers provide the digital file and the product can be 3D printed locally or 3D printed by order then shipped. Allowing production to happen closer to the end user is one step to reducing transportation needs. E-books rather than physical books do this too… Personally, this is a harder change for me to make, because I enjoy having the physical book, but reduction in need to handle the physical object (making, stocking, transporting, maintaining then disposing) can translate to economic benefits, hence reduced costs to the consumer.

    Hard to dematerialize people, though. What are was transportation of people can be reduced?


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