eastriverthing Since I was out of town at the same time as the circle tour, I made it up on the Wednesday we had off by going for a long run by the east river. During my run i noticed how so many different types of people gather and rely on this river for various things. Many people, like me, used the river as a place to run and be active, while a lot of people used it for walking or talking young children. As well as entertainment, many people used the river as a source of food by fishing with nets and poles.

  Although many people rely on the river for various reasons, entertainment, food etc., it was very evident how many people, even though using the river in many ways, don’t realize how the things they do negatively impact it. Throughout the root I took there was trash whenever i looked in the river and always trash on the pathways that could fly into the river with the next burst of wind. Even though the river was so heavily relied on people did not even care enough to put their trash in the various trashcans along the route.

 The mistreatment of this river was evident not only from the trash left around it but also by the various warning signs posted by the city. Along the rails, one was saying not to fish there because it is a regrowth zone. This means that people had used the river to much that in an attempt to save the ecosystem they had to close it off. In one of the shores there were piles and piles of trash that had been washed up from the river. Many people ignored this and continued to litter which is a behavior that cannot be sustained and is taking an obvious toll on the environment.  

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