IMG_3560-1IMG_3563IMG_3570-1IMG_3571-1#4 Material Systems

Who knew that our famous and world renown school would want us to be sustainable artists and creators? When it comes to art and working with our hands, most people’s first thoughts are not always, “What products can I buy and utilize that would be good for me, good for the environment, and all around sustainable?” Well I am just so proud to belong to a school that cares to much about the carbon footprint that it and its students leave on this planet. I mean anyone can just look at the brand new University Center. That building is the pride and joy of The New School and it should be. The building is a grand work of technological, architectural, and environmental achievements. If you just look around at the people walking down 5th avenue, so many people look up at the University Center in awe and amazement. Even the people in the tour buses stare, take pictures, and point at the building as well. So knowing all this information, it would make sense that the school would make the class Sustainable Systems a mandatory class for all Parsons students. Their mission is to send out the best artists and creators into the world and workplace with a sustainable mentality.
So, consequently, our past field trip to SANDOW made perfectly valuable sense and was an incredible opportunity to see all these spectacular and awesome materials we have access to use. Of course, there were only a few hundred materials at the office, but online there are thousands of sustainable materials in the database that we, as The New School students, are able to use. I don’t know for other people, but if someone were to mention the phrase “sustainable systems” I would automatically think of very ugly and unappealing materials that I would not fancy at all to look at or use. Well I was very happily mistaken at all the materials that I saw there that day. I could not even begin to imagine how people could use everyday and very well known products in such an innovative way. After going on this field trip, it really gave me hope and inspiration as an artist in the future that I will be able to utilize products and materials that I am proud of and feel guilty free about harming the environment and Earth.

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