Everyday society is slowly but successfully progressing into making the world a safer and better place. Over time we learned that the decisions we make either have positive or negative consequences and most of the time the negative overweighs the positive. The brick buildings and cement roads have shown to weigh down our land, the wasted plastics have contaminated our waters, and the chemicals released into the air have heightened the green house effect. Places such as Material Connexion allow us to find ways to make up for those consequences. The company has been focusing on finding biodegradable, recyclable and already recycled materials and bringing them onto the market for the world to see. They give a chance for the public to see and learn what materials are out there that are accessible for substituting unhealthier options.

My visit to Material Connexion was very educational and surprisingly very entertaining. I didn’t expect myself to be so intrigued to the point where I would be spending hours of class time admiring the materials they had up on their walls without even realizing it. I particularly found rubber materials to be quite interesting and usual to me. Rubber can come in all different shapes and colors and not to mention bindability and flexibility. It can also be use in single strands to tie other materials together and also be woven together, like the material presented in the image, for multiple uses such as substituting cloth or keeping insulation.


Overall, I am very thankful for companies and institutions such as Material Connexion for giving the opportunity of education about sustainable systems to schools and the public. Companies like such are big steps into helping our world become a healthier and more sustainable environment and that’s something we all are aiming to do.

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