The cities fifth to become more sustainable came full circle to me after visiting the recycling plant basically right in my back yard in Brooklyn.


  • The city has a contract for 20 years with this program to maintain the growing efforts to become more sustainable.
  • They process all residential metal plastic and glass.
  • Market 1/2 of nyc’s plastic barge transportation.
  • only 5 percent of the plants energy comes from sustainable energy (WIND TURBINE) (SOLAR PANALS)

The process in which they are able to do this ever so important recycling is extremely impressive. One of the things that i learned that I was completely surprised by was the fact that they have not invested in using more sustainable energy there is only one wind turbine on the plant and we were told that it only accounts for 5 percent of the energy it take to run the plant. When I asked “Are there plans to implement more wind turbines?”. Her response was that they have other “Priorities”. The word Priorities only made me think more, think more about how important it is for us to use more sustainable energy. I think that it is extremely important just as important as recycling and if we see plants like this one using cleaner methods of energy it educates and shows people that it is possible.

In conclusion the information gained from this trip was extremely useful because it showed me many ways my self and others can make there jobs easier if we just think. I also was challenged to think outside of the box about materials used products, as producers of tomorrow products I think that we should keep the environment in mind in tandem with our pockets.




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