The topic of sustainability in design school is an interesting one, because as a creative you want to be free to create new and innovative things but its important to not forget as designers and innovators we should keep sustainability in mind in our process. The trip to Materials Connection in Midtown made me think more about the importance of the materials we use in creating new designs. These materials are all separate things which together make something. One of the most interesting new materials introduced to us during the visit to Materials Connection is the translucent Concrete that consist of cement mixed with fiber glass. This innovative new version of cement has many other interesting things about it other than its Translucent appearance. The choice to use this material as apposed to traditional cement is more beneficial than meets the eye. This updated material could help lower the earths rising temps because of the way it lets light travel trough. 582772


During the time the class spent at materials connection they happened to be trying to get feedback on a new invention car seat buckles that use magnets as apposed to harmful plastics. They wanted to know what we thought about the idea. I though the idea of using powerful magnets was a brilliant idea and was a lot  more sustainable.

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