For part 2 of my RAD project I wanted to find an organizing to work with that had direct relationship to my community in coney island that has be recovering from the hurricane for about three years now. Being that it was such a big natural disaster that had such a big impact on my community, I thought that finding an organizing that is trying to increase awareness and education about sustainability would be easy but its been really difficult.


Why in a community effected just so recently by climate change is it so hard to find an organization that is trying to increase awareness. I think it has a lot to do with one simple word and that is Priority, in neighborhoods like coney island where poverty and crime are big issues, problems like sustainability awareness and climate change take the back burner.


I recently visited my nieces school and had a conversation with the principle about what go green initiatives they may have going on at the school and he said that right now they are just working on educating the children while creating a garden to repair the greenery around the school.

This organization does not have a name but i will be volunteering a few days a week after my nieces gets out of school to assist with this initiative the school is making.


Long term my plans are to start my own organization repairing the communities greenery in each surrounding housing development with the children who live there, because this is one issue that has not been addressed after the hurricane.

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