The Sims Recycling plant was a real eye opener. Seeing where all the plastic, glass and paper of NYC ends up was rather confronting. It was nice to know that everything there was going to be somehow recycled into a greater good that can be used again. However, within the tour our guide stated that what was being recycled at the plant was only 50% of NYC’s trash. Something has to be done about making sure that the other half of all that trash is accounted for. More recycling bins around the city – schools and work place – would be beneficial.

Plastic bags were one of the main trash pieces amongst the rubbish. It was astonishing to see how many there were on the premises, 30 tonnes per day are delivered to be precise. The Plant, in Brooklyn, is responsible for processing and filtering through glass, metal and plastic, separating the trash, shredding and or sorting it into each carroty and then putting it into recycled bales to sell to companies / factories.

There was a wind turbine that is responsible for 5% of the companies energy. When creating the plant, Sims put in rocks to create a shallow shore for fish, birds and other wildlife to inhabit. The entire plant is amazing, a use of resources, sustainability and environment conciseness in both products and wildlife. My eyes were opened to many things after visiting the plant. Companies such as Arizona have two types of plastic that they use for their teas, #5 and #7. Plastic #5 is able to be recycled, however #7 isn’t.

The fact that there is a drink that consumers are buying that needs to be in thicker plastic as it will be eaten away by the drink if not is sad and rather confusing. This is both bad for the body the environment, and should most defiantly should be changed, as being able to recycle products is a greater good for all.

Our tour guide also informed us that the Governor is trying to get more recycle trash cans around the city. I believe that if it were more accessible for us to recycle, rather than just mix in metals, plastics and glass into normal trash, then people would have more of an incentive to recycle. Not saying this is the answer to how we will get the whole of NYC to recycle, but I do think it is a step in the right direction.

This plant was very interesting, and I am glad I had the opportunity to see where my trash was ending up, and what is happening to it. The work that Sims is doing is great, and should be more widely recognized and thanked by society.

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