My visit to the recycling center was very different from what I had in mind. To say that that was where all/majority of New York City’s recycling was going to was very surprising to me because of the size of the center itself. The working area with all the machines was more compact and smaller than we had all imagined but at the same time exciting. But despite the size of the center, the amount of trash and materials was extreme. I definitely got to see the bigger picture and meaning behind recycling which isn’t something that goes through my head all the time when seeing a recycling bin. Also even with the smell and rainy weather, there were workers being contaminated in it working hard for a good purpose. It made me became even more aware than I had every been about seriously recycling.

Living here in the city I came to realize that my home town back in Texas lacks in the recycling department. Looking back on it I don’t remember seeing that many recycling bins around town and only just this past year or two is when the schools started having plastic bottle bins. The amount of trash at the center being recycled just from New York City alone was a number I could never think of and that only makes me wonder how much it would be for a large state like Texas. I’m interested in making recycling and sustaining more aware back home in Texas and possibly even trying to make an effort when I go back during holidays. If Texas was to increase their awareness about recycling it would definitely make an impact.

IMG_9105 IMG_9110 IMG_9109

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