After visiting La Plaza Cultural this past week with my class  i was given better insight on the permaculture lifestyle. It was amazing to see to the many systems that have been put in place to make sure they are being less harmful on the environment. They were able to do all these task that are sometimes taken for granted just in a more sustainable way. one of the most interesting things to me in terms of systems they were using to be more sustainable and also to keep the garden up and running is the water system they created. Capturing rain water trough gutters and using that water to carry out task in the garden. They do have access to the city water as well but why let this water go to waste. This process stuck out to me not because of its sophistication but actually the lack there of. The gutter system is not a new invention but its interesting to see if be using to do something good for the environment.

Most importantly this conserves water, water conservation is becoming a lot more important in recent days and while the NewYork or tristate area is not in a drought  places like California and Arizona could benefit from implementing systems like this not just from people hip to the permaculture lifestyle but everyday ordinary people this system is something very simple that can be created at anyones home and can save millions of gallons of water.

This trip was just anything thing that opened my eyes this semester on how easy it is to be more sustainable, people just have to want it.


One thought on “#7: Permaculture and Resilience in Community

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