Permaculture is the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. This growing idea has become more invested and practiced throughout society and continues to grow influence and education. It has helped cultivate and restore abandoned areas and ideas and create and environment of positivity and creativity.

We got the privilege of visiting the beautiful community garden La Plaza Cultural in Alphabet City last class and was so captivated by every component of the garden. I was amazed to see how much small innovative ideas can make a huge difference to the health of the nature and space for specific places. The garden consisted of multiple self-made systems that played this contribution. For example, they had a compost system where they broke down their own materials in order to make their own supply of compost to use around the garden. Another is a water collecting system where they took barrel containers and drains that would catch falling rainwater and store up for watering purposes. There was also a drain system that was weighed on by stones that serves to collect water but also to keep control of land use. These systems were not only very interesting to learn about but made me realize how it also works as an educational area and ways to lessen spending costs and brings ways to be innovative. They also serve a great purpose by allowing the members of the gardens to use these resources for their own planation and interests. Not only were the systems the stars of the garden but there were also many parts of the garden where people could just sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery around. Also the fact that they mentioned more ideas for the place such as classes based on hands on permaculture practice made the place sound like it was definitely moving forward with many interested subjects.

I also found learning about the history of community gardens very interesting and influential. It heightens the willingness to put in personal time to restore something old that was once considered valuable/irreplaceable. Every building or area is or was considered valuable to someone at some point or another and the idea of permaculture and restoring community is what most strive for. It not only helps increase awareness to the surroundings and conserving the nature around us but it also brings about happiness and enjoyable times and memories spent with one another. I am definitely interested in community gardens and will be looking forward to volunteering my time in some and also taking advantage of such wonderful places by visiting at times to relax.

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