What does it mean for a human to be healthy? What does it mean for a community to be healthy? What does it mean for an ecosystem to be healthy? (note resilience and adaptability)

How might public health be an indicator of environmental health?

What are some practices an individual might do for their well-being? for the well-being of their community? for the well-being of the environment?

At an individual level what stage does one consider themselves to be living a healthy lifestyle? The standard of living differs from people to people and from place to place. For a human to be healthy it implies that he or she is devoid of any illnesses or health issues and perfect functionality of all organs and parts. When the average standard of living in communities is high, meaning that people are enjoying a good amount of recourses, it implies that the community is operating at a healthy level. Similarly on a larger scale for an ecosystem to be healthy it means that all composites are living in harmony and functioning at their best. With regards to resilience and adaptability it implies that with change the person/ community/ ecosystem does not fall apart but is able to sustain and adapt to the conditions to maximize results.

When the health of the people living in a place is good it reflects on the health of the entire community. For example, when the majority of people living in a community are ill due to unsanitary water it implies that the living and health conditions of the community are low and poor. This in turn implies that the ecosystem is lacking sanitary water, which shows its incapacity of resilience and inability to adapt to the problem. Hence the health of the public can reflect highly on the health of the environment.

An individuals well-being can refer to their economic/financial well being, health, social, and psychological state that describe their quality of life. In order to improve their standard of living individuals can pay more attention to what they are consuming (sanitary water and healthy food), the environment around them (surrounding factories/industrial plants), educational facilities and opportunities, and social interactiveness. However, all these factors are influenced by one, which is financial and economic well-being. A person can afford the above only when they have adequate monetary means.

For the well being of the community, residents can increase the amount of parks, trees, reduce roads, add more medical facilities, lessen private transportation and focus on improving public transportation to encourage people to use that more. a more harmonious environment can be established when everyone is under the same financial status and enjoy the same resources as everyone else. This equity would prevent any problems and discrepancies between people in the community.

On a larger scale to improve the well-being of the environment it is essential that we understand the importance of trees, oxygen, water, sunlight and other necessities the environment provides us. These are all mandatory for us to survive, without these resources life would be impossible to sustain. Due to the rising population we are continuously extracting resources to fulfill our needs, failing to see the immediate and long-term effect on the environment. Hence it is vital that we Reduce, Reuse and, Recycle. In addition, doing any volunteering or initiative work to help increase awareness about the environment.

Question: What measures can a person with little  educational background and financial resources do to help himself as well as the environment?

Image citing:  http://lustongroupparish.org.uk/images/uploads/images/Neighbourhood_Planning_sketch.jpg

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