Whats the difference between social equity and social equality,

Equity- is the cornerstone of society, which cannot be maintained for a few at the expense of the many. Increased equity results in decreased spending on prisons, security enforcement, welfare, and social services.

Equality- The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

During our class this week we had guess speaker, Marlon Williams is the Director of Cross-Agency Partnerships for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in NYC. He spoke about the issue of public health and it left me with that question. The difference between the two focus mainly on fact that to make people equal there needs must be fulfilled equally. The thing that is most times ignored is that the needs of the people are all different. If a rich man and a poor man is giving 1 piece of bread for the year the poor man will soon need again as to where the rich man won’t. So if we are going off of needs than equity is important.

During class he asked about our favorite areas int he city mine was SoHo, luckily enough he passed around a community health profile for Soho and Greenwich Village and also East New York and Starrett City. These profiles provide us with insight into a specific communities health, using these statistics we can compare and contrast communities public physical and mental health.

After reviewing the Community health profiles for each respectful area I was to compare and contrast that status of the communities health, and if there are difference investigate why?

One of the most interesting finds from the profiles was the difference in life expectancy between the two. Residents in Greenwich and SoHo had an life exspectacy 84.3 and the Residents of East New York And Starrett city had a life expectancy of 77.7 years.

After just seeing that statistic I really only had one question and it was why ? How could the life expectancy be that different less than 15 miles away from each other. My early assumptions were that it has a lot to do with he same social, political and economic inequality I have learned so much about through out this semester.

Something that was interesting to me because of the connection to where I live was the statistics of quality of housing. “Poorly maintain housing associated with negative health outcomes including asthma and other respiratory illnesses injuries and poor mental health a low percentage of the homes in Greenwich Village in Soho have maintenance defect can. With home citywide.” Just 44  percent of the residents in Soho and greenwich can report any type of poor or under maintained areas, in comparison to 70  percent in Brooklyn.

Why are the living conditions and maintenance  so significantly worst  in these neighborhoods if its a proven fact that it is linked to negative health outcomes?

More maintenance is something that can easily be implemented and needs to clearly be enforced as a responsibility for whom ever is the owner of the space being occupied. These simple choices can make the difference in the lives of millions of people.


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