rad final report

RAD final project -Blairsville Community Garden

Upon reflection of my final RAD project, I feel very proud of what I have accomplished through my designs, and am very excited to see how they can be implemented in my hometown. I am looking forward to seeing the benefits of giving this community garden a more solid presence in Blairsville, and how this manifests into the sustainability and resilience of the Blairsville community. I found it extremely recentering and affirming when Marlon Williams presented the idea of leveraging our personal powers and privileges for catalysts of change – especially in the realm of climate change mitigation.

When I took this concept and considered it in relation to my project, I felt that it quite beautifully summed up what I was trying to accomplish with my designs. I am taking my privilege of receiving an education in design and translating it into a method of benefiting my hometown through bolstering its methods of adaptability, resilience, and community involvement. I am not simply creating a beautiful identity for this organization in Blairsville, but utilizing it as a stepping stone toward the end goal of a healthier, more sustainable, and resilient community. By cultivating a more wide-spread knowledge of the Blairsville Community Garden, more members of the community will be aware of a place that exists to begin to engage in and communicate issues of sustainability and climate change. Public health will significantly be increased not only through more accessible, sustainable, organic foods, but also through the relationships and dialogue that are created in the space.

I feel very happy that I have been able to utilize my growing ability to think systemically in order to devise this project – and begin to implement it. This design project represents a method of capitalizing on my understanding of my personal role within the larger system that is climate change mitigation. I have found a space within my sphere of influence to promote sustainability through design. The designs that I have created encourage action, awareness, and engagement, and are ultimately a method of combating climate change. I think my project serves as a testament to the radically effective role of design, even in its perceived quietness or modesty. Design can be unassuming, but it still has the power to be transformative.

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