The RAND Corporation is a public policy think tank. A particular program is to assist communities to be more resilient over time. Washington DC is a focus community and it is interesting that in a recent poll given to DC residence found a very different view of of resilience at the government level compared to the individual/family level.

Resilience includes:

  • Local organizations can work together to prepare and respond to emergency
  • Families working together in an emergency
  • Government can provide support in an emergency
  • The number of volunteers in an emergency
  • Families are connected to at least one organization that can support them in an emergency

All of these are important principles for developing community resilience. Each of these areas are an important foundation for bolstering community resilience. If one is not strong the whole infrastructure becomes wobbly.

In an emergency, redundancy is very important given that some connections will fail. Therefore to prepare for an emergency a community needs to focus on all connections families have to support them.

In Washington DC, the survey helps officials to make necessary preparations to increase community resilience. Foremost focus should be on ensuring families have appropriate connections to groups that can provide assistance in an emergency. In general officials need to spend more time education the population.

Given the amount of attention NYC placed on emergency preparedness, what would the survey look like, would there be significant increase in the knowledge residents have?


Rand. “Resilient DC.” Web. http://www.rand.org/multi/resilience-in-action/strategy-development-for-resilient-cities/resilient-dc.html

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