The RAD Project was three main sections:

  1. Invite and advertise a family event to teach children and families in the community about the impacts of climate change and ways that families can implement principles of sustainability in their households
  2. Hold the event – have fun doing sustainability themed art projects. Lessons given by kids in the community Play games that teach and underlying principle.
  3. Us the event to expand my influence for design by discussing it in media and building a relationship with the Staten Island Museum to provide a forum for discussing sustainability (using the green design of the museum as a draw for community members).

Lessons learned and success:

  • To organize a truly successful community event requires more time to advertise and get the word out. The event happened and we did get families to participate; however, these were the families I have the strongest connection to already, families that I have an easy time talking to already. Additional time to advertise and getting the event in the local paper – The Staten Island Advance – is a big lesson learned.
  • The event did give me a good perspective on the challenges other families have when trying to implement principles of sustainability in their households. These are the points that I’m putting together for a byline article in Green Child Magazine. I had conversations with the editor and there is interest in the article. I also reached out to The Staten Island Advance and will follow – up.
  • The plan to have art pieces displayed in a local art gallery is not proceeding as planned – these galleries in Staten Island are somewhat struggling and getting them to use valuable wall space for a non-profit event has proved challenging.
  • The connection with The Staten Island Museum is strengthened as a result of the event as it shows my passion. I plan to volunteer at the museum and through this work plan an event to teach sustainability.

Overall, I feel that the project was a success. I feel that by preparing the event and all the moving parts, lessons, games, etc that I increased my own understanding and passion for these topics. I also feel much more confident in communicating my views to others and that people are open to listening.



One of the art projects from the event: “Live” and we are all “dots” working together.



RAD Project 3 – Design Action Project Brief

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