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My final project included bringing my lifestyle and personal beliefs into my work and to the class. When I was thinking of what to do for my last work for the class, I did some thinking of what really is the point of this class and what is Kim exactly trying to teach us? I knew that this class for sure was to bring sustainable young designers into society and make a difference in society. So I thought back into my own lifestyle and by what rules do I live my life and that it is a very sustainable way of living so I decided to present it to the class. I decided to make a vegan menu and pinpoint how the ingredient’s non vegan counterparts affect the environment immensely and how just by changing your diet can help the world so much so most people don’t know this knowledge. In order to give it a more “earthy” look as well, I stained the booklet in coffee. Going vegan is not just about saving the animals and your body, but also so much about saving the Earth and it’s rapidly increasing temperature.



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