It is very evident that there are numerous parts of the world that suffer more from climate change than others, majority of them being in less fortunate areas. These unfortunate areas have been taken for granted and the more fortunate have been living on making biased decisions that ultimately benefit them and their personal surroundings. This makes me think back on what we learned about during the TEDC talk and the mentioning of social discrimination. To reiterize, we learned that larger and more fortunate populations often take control of major decisions that do effect the minority without their voices being heard. In these minority communities, there are more signs of health hazards that are related to establishments or resources in the area that bring pollution or contamination to the area. Keep in mind that most, if not all, of the times these pollution contaminating corporations are built near the minority/less fortunate without their opinion/vote. This then results in increasing of illness among ethnic minority populations and low-income communities. From that, the topic of health care and the level of access people have to it gets brought up. No matter how much we think about it and come up with ways to change it, this is a never-ending cycle of injustice and inequality. With our sustainability class it makes me think about the affect it’ll not only have on people but our world and how this inequality will obviously effect in negative ways. These less fortunate areas who are more prone to the health hazards will be affected even more without even having the choice of wanting to be healthy.

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