Unfortunately I wasn’t able to be present for this particular class but I did get to hear parts of what was discussed from my fellow classmates. Our class had the privilege of having Marlon Williams, the Director of Cross-Agency Partnerships for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in NYC, come in and speak to the class followed up by an informative Q&A session. He touched on the topic on how to make a place an one of a kind space and how to imply our personal feelings towards creating that space and the design within it. As designers we can’t just let an empty space have no use in benefiting in any possible way. Often we are inspired by almost anything we see and that’s when we start to think of the endless possibilities towards our ideas. It is extremely important, especially these days, to have a meaning behind our ideas that goes far beyond anyones expectations. This ultimately can be achieved by having a personal connection to that particular space or design. By succeeding in creating that emotional bond, the audience will also be able to become attracted to that space/creation and feel/understand the creators vision in many different levels.

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