by Angela Cho

Brief summary:
Due to climate change, many places throughout the earth have been battling with unbalanced weather patterns resulting in either over excessive or lacking amounts of rainfall which ultimately affects a major portion of agriculture and way of life. The value on water has shot up in the past decades and the search for clean and abundant water has surprisingly become more and more difficult. Water is a main source of life and is vital to our survival. Green Water targets the audience to pause and think about how water has positively affected their own lives. Green Water does not only bring the cold, hard facts about the lack and benefits of water but mainly focuses on lifting away the negativity by providing creative yet innovative ways for the readers to try out. Green Water’s main goal is to shine a light on the topic of water by showing off its amazing contributions in order to inspire the readers to think more about how much of an impact it has and influence them to take control of today’s situation. The gift of water is priceless and it’s our job to acknowledge its importance.

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