This was one of the first talk sessions I’ve gone to since I’ve been in Parsons and I was definitely motivated to go to the hundreds more that are freely provided to us as students. Especially my own personal interest towards climate change, resilience, and anything relevant has certainly grown. During this session we had various speakers speak upon their own personal contributions and goals towards the project. Each had their own specific interests and backgrounds that harmoniously worked together to create a collaborative and informative project. The majority of the EJ movement are made up by African-Americans, Asians, Latinos, Pacific islanders, and Native Americans. This social movement has a goal to focus on fair distribution of environmental benefits and burdens. During the session it was made evident that one of their main goals was to target justice for environmental discrimination. There are also a huge injustice towards non-dominant minorities in the States resulting in unfair decisions being made for those who can’t speak on behalf of themselves. Some of these decisions include location of transportation infrastructures such as airports, highways, and etc;. The main thing that stood out to me the most was something that I shared during our class following the session. How people such as one of the speakers, Cecil, and schools devise and provide programs for anyone to join in on making positive contributions to their community. I strongly am for and believe their views towards changing social and racial discrimination and am so happy to be reminded that there are people out there still trying to bring a positive impact on every individual’s life. It is true that in order to bring about a change to our community and to the health of our world’s existence that we must learn to bring justice in all situations in meaningful ways.

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